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Visit Morocco Sahara

we are  a Berber family, based in the enchanting village of Merzouga on the edge of the Erg Chebbi dunes.

When you want the real desert, the authentic Moroccan Sahara, culture and tradition , without any pressure and with absolutely no hype this is where to come.

And wherever you come from “Visit Morocco Sahara” will take you back to your roots. The roots of life in the beating desert heart of the world Said and his family lived as desert nomads for generations, but with the increasing lack of water in the desert, Said’s father had to leave his beloved nomadic life to provide for his family. He did this by working as a guide and camel driver, later helped by the youngs

Said, Omar, and Youssef

Said, Omar and Youssef who learnt English, French, Spanish  and Italian from the travellers they accompanied.

More recently Said has worked for himself, giving travellers an independent choice and the possibility of enjoying an unforgettable holiday tailored completely to their preferences in the Moroccan. His latest idea has been to combine camel safaris with 4×4 discovery tours, allowing you to enjoy a complete holiday solution immediately from your airport arrival if that is what you want.

Visit Morocco Sahara

is an aboriginal travel company set in the beautiful location of Morocco that specializes in Morocco private tours and custom tours of Sahara Desert at a reasonable price. Our aim is to show the real Morocco to all the visitors and give them a memorable experience. We offer desert trips in Morocco where we accustom our customers with the exquisiteness and treasures of Sahara desert.

Get yourself immersed in the lap of Sahara desert where you’ll find the majestic sand dunes encompassing you from all sides. Discover the life in oases, Kasbahs, and villages, and find your inner happiness. It is one of those trips that will serve as a breath of fresh air from the monotony of life. We’ll make sure that your trip is as comfortable as possible and you do not miss upon any of the attractions of Morocco.

We provide customized

desert trips in Morocco according to your duration of stay and your preferences. You can come with your family, relatives, friends or all of them. Just let us know your duration, what you wish to do in the state and we’ll plan the itinerary according to your interests.

We offer Morocco desert tours in 4X4 vehicles that are uber-convenient and suitable for off-road travel. Your journey across the sand dunes will be seamless in our 4X4 vehicles of top brands namely Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, and Fiat. These vehicles will offer a comfortable journey for you and your family around the whole desert.

Our guides and drivers

are natives who are well-versed with every corner of the state. Our guides are adept at navigating the travelers seamlessly in the entire desert while making them experience the exquisiteness of the deserts. Both the drivers and guides are welcoming and believe in fostering relationships. They can speak and understand an array of languages including English, Arabic, French, Berber, and Spanish. They will never let you feel that you’re with a stranger in an alien land.

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